Are you CPA qualified?

Yes, we are CPA business tax accountants, this ensures you the highest level of knowledge and integrity.

Do you undertake continual training to keep abreast of changing tax laws?

Yes, we are Business Tax Accountants who are always attending regular training sessions, tax updates, conferences and discussion groups ensuring we are up to date on all the changes in tax legislation so you always receive the best tax service and get the best outcome legally.

What will happen to my tax situation when laws change?

A senior business tax accountant will advise you of any changes and the ways that they will impact you and your business so we can arrive at the best possible solution. You can remain confident that you and your business are fulfilling your legal tax requirements.

Will you return my telephone calls?

Yes. It is our policy for a senior business tax accountant to return all telephone calls within 24 hours.

If I have an urgent business matter will I be able to arrange a meeting?

Yes, we will always make an effort to make an appointment for a local accountant to attend to your urgent matters within 48 hours.

Are you contactable by email?

Yes. Our emails are checked by our Business Tax Accountants throughout the day and are responded to promptly. If you don’t have time to call or make a meeting we are happy to maintain contact via email.

Can you visit me at my home or office?

Yes, we are local Accountants who are happy to visit you anywhere in Melbourne, wherever and whatever time is most convenient for you.

Are you familiar with my software? Are you an authorized seller?

We have a sound knowledge of and are authorised sellers of the most used and sought after software including Quickbooks, MYOB, Xero and Cashflow Manager.

Are you prepared to make an appointment to meet me out of normal business hours if required?

Yes. We will always arrange appointments at a time convenient for you.

Are you committed to growing my business and offering business coaching and marketing services if I require them? More than just Accounting and Tax Services?

Yes. Your business is our highest priority and we are willing and able to offer you marketing services and business coaching at your request.

Will I always deal with the Principal and not be delegated to a subordinate?

Yes. You will always have direct access to the Principal, Chris Guardiani CPA. Our priority is to foster a long-term relationship based on trust, with a strong focus to achieve the best outcomes for you and your business.

Can you quote your fees before you start?

Yes. Our prices are available upfront so there will be no surprises. We are also happy to offer a monthly payment arrangement and fixed price packages.

Is my privacy guaranteed?

Yes. We believe that a good business relationship is based on trust and we will always remain faithful to that promise. Your privacy will always be respected.

Can you guarantee that my work is not outsourced?

Yes. All our work is completed by qualified Business Tax Accountants in Melbourne in our office and is highly customised to suit your business. We believe that the best outcomes for you and your business come from a sound knowledge of your business and close relationship with you that outsourcing simply cannot provide. We do NOT outsource.

Changing from your existing Tax Agent to Business Growth Guardian is easy.

We can assist you to make the upgrade to a Local Accounting Firm who is committed to growing your business.

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